This is such an overdue post but a couple weekends ago I went to visit my best friend in Amsterdam. She’s lucky enough to be doing her placement year there at the moment!

I’m going to make this more like a photo diary so that the post doesn’t get too long but if you have any questions about anything I haven’t mentioned, just ask! 🙂


I had the Friday off work and I left mine at 5am to get there to the airport for 6am as my flight was at 7:45am. I ended up getting there to find out the flight was over booked and I had been put on stand by – which is so unfair because like.. I bought a SEAT YO! I luckily was put on the flight however it was delayed until about 10am! Talk about STRESSFUL!!! Two other friends had flown from a different airport and all four of us had met at the airport in Amsterdam. We got there early which meant we had the rest of the day to venture around. IMG_5021.jpg

Due to the fact I get hungry every twenty minutes, we stopped quite soon for lunch. I tried this chicken in pita situation, with garlic mayo and it was pretttyyyy darn good. It looks pretty grim in this photo not going to lie.



We walked over to the famous Amsterdam sign… is there a name for this? WHO KNOWS but you all know the one I mean 😉


This is me going.. “how did you get up there..?”


And then me going.. screw it.. work it from here gurl





We went out in the evening with everyone which was too fun. Only these guys would dance with me to ABBA all night. At about 11pm we went out to the Red Light District, which literally shocked me because it was nothing like I expected. We weren’t allowed to take photos (not that I would’ve anyway lol!) but it was definitely not a place for us girls to be around alone!! Soooo dodgy


Mmmhhmm time for breakky!! This was such a cute little café near by to wear my friend Lily lived.


Please forgive me for I had forgotten to take a photo and I took a bite out my omelette lol! Whoops!


Next stop.. SEX MUSEUM! I’ll leave out the details to this one 😉


My favourite thing this holiday was going down the canals in a pedalo, which by the way…. NOT SO EASY TO STEER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Got pretty scary when a massive tour bout is beeping at you and you can’t pedal quick enough because all you do is eat your life away (:


Wow the bottom of my face does not look attractive there


After a day of walking and cycling and doing all sorts, all you need for dinner is Italian food 🙂 Yes yes.. I should have been trying more local food but look at this PIZZA


Again.. as you can see.. I went to take a bite without a photo lool





We went to such a legendary café for breakfast…like that is one HECK of an avocado on toast



This whole day we spent lying in the park tanning and the funniest thing ever happened. For the first time EVER, in the spirit of being in Amsterdam.. I tried a weed brownie. I had to swallow bits of this brownie with a ton of water like a pill because it was the most grim tasting thing ever. Even better.. didn’t even feel anything afterwards except for being incredibly ill! GO ME! (Try not to be TOO cool Jo..)

We also went to Anne Frank’s house later today, which I wasn’t allowed to take any photos at but literally it was the most incredible, eye-opening thing and I wish everyone could go.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend, I know it wasn’t entirely a photo diary because no one can ever get me to stop talking but.. hey! I tried.. 🙊

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.18.32



  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! I would be all over that Amsterdam sign! I love climbing touristy things 😀
    Also, I think you need to have a lot of a brownie weed to feel something. I’ve never tried it myself, but it also probably depends on how much was baked into it 😀

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  2. Aw i love this girls trip to Amsterdam! I love the photo shoot at the Amsterdam sign, it looked and sounds like so much fun! You gals are such a pretty bunch! And girrrl at least you even remember to take a picture of your food I usually remember as I finish eating the entire thing haha But ugh what the heck with flights these days and people not guaranteed a seat even though you spent money on it! Glad you got to get on though! I’ve heard amazing things about the Anne Frank house….totally on my bucket list!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. I blooody love your comments girl! awh that’s so sweet, thank you!! hahah omg the amount of amazing looking meals I would just demolish and then think… shieettt.. I forgot..AGAIN hahahha!! and I know right?! So stressful with things like that! YES Anne Frank’s house was the most interesting thing I had ever been to visit, it was so incredible to get to see where she was when she was writing the diary and everything! xx


  3. AMSTERDAM LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN! My boyfriend and I were debating going there for a day, but finally decided on Italy, and you’re making me question of I made the right decision! This seemed like such a fun weekend! I love a nice weekend getaway with the girls! Lovely post!! P.s. All the food pictures made me sooooo freaking hungry! xx

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    1. oh my god Amsterdam was amazing but Italy will be so incredible too!! You’ll have to tell us all about it?! hahahha theyre doing that to me to every time I look at them ugh xx x


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