In spite of this weekend’s horrible and traumatic events – I thought I would remind everyone of London’s beauty and share with you all this little dinner date I went on last week at Madison’s roof top❤


The place was absolutely stunning, with an indoor area to dine in;


Photo from Google Images

and an outdoor area for music and drinks;


Photo from Google Images

There’s an incredibly ‘cool’ vibe when you walk in, with a DJ playing his tunnnnees and frozen daiquiris being served😍 There’s a couple bars at either end of the rooftop so it’s so easy to grab a drink. Having said this, if you wanted to eat, I HIGHLY recommend booking a table because we went on a Thursday night and had we not booked, there was ZERO chance of getting a table – it was SO busy.


I was feeling a little ill prior to this dinner and I think that’s why I wasn’t able to eat too much of my Caesar Salad (£15). If you asked me how it tasted I would say really sickening but obviously that’s because I WAS sick – otherwise based on how it looked, I think it had the potential to be BANGIN’. My friend Carly had ordered (if I remember correctly) the roast fillet of stone bass (£25).


Funny that I was ill but I was able to drink multiple Pornstar martinis and all my fries. Maybe I’m just allergic to healthy foods



To add to everything, you stand on this roof top at sunset and it’s the most stunning thing because you’re stood with the most amazing view of St Paul’s CathedralIMG_5011.jpg

This roof top was gorgeous and I can’t not go there again. Although, I didn’t have the best ending to the night as we met up with some of Carly’s friends who ended up ordering shots, cocktails, martinis and all sorts and they were coming one after the other, that all my drinks started stacking up on our table. Let’s not FORGET I had 0.01% of my salad and so I ended up being late to my flight to Amsterdam because I was vomming all night 😊 too much info?? probs.

Thanks so much for reading lovely people,

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.18.32

P.s I’m so behind on reading all your posts I KNOW, I’ve been so busy I’m so sorry! Going to catch up on as many as I can this week ❤



    1. Ahh I know it’s really hard to not get scared on the streets but that’s not how we’re going to beat them! Aw thank you, I really did! 🙂 thanks so much for your comment Amelia! 💓 xx

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  1. It really is terrible what’s been happening lately, but your city will get through it I’m sure 🙂
    London seems amazing, especially this spot you’ve taken us to. A rooftop bar sounds amazing! It’s no wonder that it’s always packed, I’m sure everyone wants to go there. I’m sorry you were feeling a bit unwell (I can relate as I’m now unwell), but at least you were still able to have a fun night out! Maybe too much fun though 😛 I hope you’re feeling better now 😀

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    1. That’s so sweet of you, it’s so important to stay positive in these times!! Owhh no I hope you feel better soon?! Get lots of rest and snuggle up and watch netflix all day if you can hehe!! 💓 thank you so much for your comment Angela! 🙂 xxx

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  2. This place looks crazy cool and nice, you always find the best places! I’m a total fan on anything rooftop, roof-deck, balconies…basically anything outside and up high lol but at the same time its so bittersweet because if its nice out its definitely going to be packed. You are looking so darn cute though!!! Good lighting too 😉 Total bummer that you weren’t feeling good though and even worse that you actually got sick, ugh…. Ive definitely had my fair share of night/mornings like that too. But as long as it was a good time lol

    xo, JJ

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    1. ahh yes roof top things are my FAVE! hahhaha girl you know me too well.. the lighting was ON POINT 😉 a little bit too sunny though that one of my bloomin’ EYES went lazy lol hahaha thats too funny, thanks so much for your comment again my beaut!! xxx


  3. This seems like such a fun girl date idea!! If I ever find myself in London, I’ll be sure to check it out! && I get what you mean with the “maybe I’m just allergic to healthy foods”, some days I feel the same way!! xx

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