A couple months ago I sent a short video of myself singing into X Factor and it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I heard back informing me that I had an audition for that following Saturday (AHH!!!). This would only be the first round out of three before I would sing in front of the judges on television. I was soooo hesitant about going because for so long I wasn’t confident with my singing but I made sure to go because it’s always better to try these things than to not! You fail more by not giving everything a go in my opinion!!

My friend Megan came along with me which I’m beyond grateful for because it was going to be a LONG ol’ day. We woke up at 4am to get to the audition for 6am and out of THOUSANDS of people we were 86th in line, which was soooo lucky!! The people who were first had got there at 10pm the night before.. like HELLLL no.

I thought that lining up the whole day was going to be horrible but we met such amazing people in line, that it was as if we were there just hanging out with them all for the day (fingers cross at least one of them become famous ;)). It was the seven or eight people we met that got me through the day because they were honestly so great.


By this point, there were thousands of people and honestly it wasn’t greatly organised because there were barely any places to buy food and only a few toilets – which is RIDICULOUS. It made me not want to drink any water because you can imagine how disgusting those toilets got throughout the day. By about midday they started filming. For hours and hours, we were made to chant “LONDON HAS THE X FACTOR!!”, and for hours we were cheering and dancing and throwing things in the air – all for the show of course! We were told things to say, things to do in queue and after about five hours of this, I was starting to feel so weak and faint because (being the idiot I am) I didn’t bring any food with me. I had water but again, didn’t want to drink too much.


It got to about 4pm before they started taking us into the audition rooms. Luckily I was 86th – OH WAIT – hang on.. that didn’t matter because when we were all starting to move to the actual addition, EVERYONE broke through the fences and barriers that was used to organise the queue, which meant that there was now about 400 or 500 people that had pushed in front of me. I NEVER get angry but at this point I had been in line nine hours with barely any food or water and Jo was FURIOUS!!!!

Once we got inside, they started walking people in groups of twenty to go audition. I was towards the end of the queue at this point so I very sneakily stood up and went to join one of the groups of twenty being walked in (because technically that’s where I was suppose to be HAD people not been annoying!!!)

It was another hour of lining up once you had walked in and FINALLY I got to my audition. It was in a massive room with about twenty auditions happening at the same time, all only separated by thin black curtains. I was stood opposite two judges (who were less than a metre’s distance away from me… AWKSS!!) all whilst being able to hear a ton of people singing their songs at the same time, which was SOO off putting. My eyes at this point were throbbing, my head was throbbing, I could barely stand because I was sooo hungry – so this all became bigger motivation to get through. I literally chatted away to the judges for so long because I was nervous haha!! I sang my song and when I finished, I saw them slowly reach for the piece of paper which meant I got through.


At the beginning of the day I would’ve been so fine not making it through this round, but after having waited so long, when they gave me the slip of paper, I wanted to be like “THIS MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME THANK YOU SO MUCH” and just drop to my knees and cry HAHA. After a successful first round audition, my friend Megan and I went to demolish a Nando’s dinner.


My second and third round auditions were both that following Tuesday. So if you got through the second round, you would stay and audition again that same evening. I went for the second round and met up with a couple of people I met in queue from the Saturday before. Luckily it was only a couple hours wait this time. I walked into a MAHOOOSIVE room with two people sat behind a table waiting for me at the back of it – I swear it was like a super awkward two minute walk from the door to the judges lol. I finally got there after the TREK and answered a few questions about myself and then sang. I somehow managed to get through agaiinnn, wooohooo!!!

My boyfriend came and met me after work and waited for me until my third audition. During this time I was called to do an interview about my life. In these TV shows, they always try to get a sob story out of you and try to find something wrong with your life that’s remotely interesting and I literally felt like the most boring contestant they had EVER had. This is briefly how it went;

Interviewer: I’m here to get the goss out of you and find out everything about you for the show. How is your family life firstly?

Me: Really good thank you!

Interviewer: How are your mum and dad? Are they supportive?

Me: They’re great! Really supportive!

Interviewer: How was life in Hong Kong, any problems?

Me: No, no problems, I loved it!

Interviewer: Is your boyfriend supportive of you?

Me: Really supportive, he’s here with me today!

Interviewer: What do you like to do apart from sing? Any hobbies?

Me: Not really to be honest, I’m singing all the time!

Interviewer: Ok so… sounds like you have a really privileged life..

Me: (me being an IDIOT again and trying to get ANYTHING in) oh.. well dog died last year.. :/

Interviewer: Do you want me to get the violins out?? (UMM YES…!?!?!)

ANYWAYS!! I got to my final audition and it was in front of one person and a bunch of TV cameras and lights and things. I sang my song and I found out that I don’t find out whether I’ve made it through for another THREE MONTHS!

As negative as I might have made this experience sound .. I actually really really enjoyed it and it makes a great story whether I’ve made it to the judges or not and I’m honestly so happy I did it and that I had my best friend and boyfriend experience it with me!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this super long rant haha!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.18.32



  1. Ohmygod that first line sounds like a nightmare! That’s awesome you made it through tho! Congrats bb! (Also when the interviewer said the thing about the violins I was shook aha like bye bish)

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  2. I can’t believe you auditioned! That’s amazing and so exciting to hear/read! You are so courageous and beautiful. I hope you pass the last audition ~~~ Too bad you have to wait so long though…Good luck! I’ll be praying for ya!

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  3. Holy moly JO!!! That is amazing!!! Congrats!! Everything you went through, the lines, the interviewer, judges, it’s exactly how I envisioned something like that would go but its so cool hearing about it in real life form!!! I loled a little at the interviewer part, but I feel the same way I never had any existential life crisis, not everyone’s gonna have a sob story, its okay to live a normal happy life 🙂 We’re the blessed ones! I want to hear you sing so bad, that’s such an amazing talent. I always said that if I could have any talent in the world, it would definitely be to sing lol You musttt post like an insta of you singing just a little bit!!!!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Ahh THANK YOU! I know so much of me auditioned just to see what it would be like in real life and I always imagined it being exactly like that! But you’re so right, at the time I was made to feel like apologetic for having a happy life but I’m so lucky !!! Awh we’ll have to do a duet one day hehe maybe my next post I can include a video of my singing, or is that cringe! 😣😂

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  4. MY GOODNESS JO! That’s insane, you were on the X Factor and so far you’ve made it through two rounds! That’s honestly incredible, I’ll have to look for you on TV! I never watch the X Factor, but I’ll make an exception! Do you know when the episodes will be out? Also, sounds like such an interesting experience. What an awesome opportunity. Fingers crossed that you make it through the third round!

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    1. Oh my goodness you are too kind!!! I’ve just got to wait a couple months now to find out if I made it on TV but I definitely will let you know if I doo hehe ahhh!!! Eeekkkk FINGERS MAJORLY CROSSEDD!!! xxx

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  5. Jo this is incredible! I always find it interesting reading about the behind the scenes of these kinds of shows. The first audition sounds like it was a long as day, and how rude of those people who tried to jump queue!! But that’s so awesome that you made it through all those first rounds! It’s always hilarious how they always want someone with a sob story, gotta get that drama in there I guess 🙂

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    1. Awh thank you Angela!! Ahh me too, whether I make it or not, it was such an experience and at least I can say I know what it’s like now! Omg too rude right!? Ahh thank you so much and I know it was literally a crazy experience seeing what they try to squeeze out for a tv show! 😂

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  6. What a crazy experience! Seems like they were super unorganised at points?! How terrible! That is fantastic news that you got so far, even after hours of waiting and no food and drink – that’s amazing! Good luck, hope you let us know in three months time! xxxx

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  7. I’m just now “meeting” you but I know you made it through! haha You’re gorgeous and talented; can’t wait to see you on tv. Meanwhile, post a vid of you singing! We’d all love to hear! It’s fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on with the audition.

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    1. oh my goodness you are such a dream?! ughh thank you SO much for your comment my beautiful, literally made me smile so much! Fingers crossed I make it on TV! haha ahh I will definitely post a singing vid soon hehe! ❤ xxx


  8. I really hope you made it! That sounds like an amazing experience I’d love to hear you sing and see you on tv. Even if you don’t make it, don’t give up✨ the fact that you got through those first rounds mean something. You look like a star already☺️

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  9. GIRL! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! When are you expected to hear back from them? best of luck!! && haha, don’t worry, we all have our awkward moments when we’re being evaluated of saying things we would never say otherwise, but don’t be too hard on yourself! xx

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