Last weekend my boyfriend and I drove down after work on the Friday to a little cottage in Devon. It was supposed to be a three hour drive but it took us over FIVE. Unfortunately, not too long ago I failed my driving test so I couldn’t help him out throughout the journey but what can yaDO!


We hadn’t had dinner after work so a couple hours in we spotted a KFC and there was no discussion – we were going. My eyes were heavy, my head felt light.. I was just.. so.. hungry. Everyone knows going food shopping on an empty stomach was a bad idea – but this was next level. We went into KFC and got a Zinger burger, a BUCKET of chicken, MORE chicken wings and four fries. It was pretty amazing but oh so disgusting at the same time.


We carried on driving and driving.. it was getting darker and darker..

For those that don’t know, Devon consists of small country towns and masses upon masses of beautiful country side, so of course when it got darker, there were no street lamps or lit up towns – it was literally pitch black. The reason it got this late is because we got lost, and we were driving through ghost towns and dark woods and we were just getting so tired. Our original arrival time was 10 and it was now midnight – google maps took us up this road – that was barely even a road – it was muddy, and small, through trees and we got up to the top of this hill and found it was an abandoned house with one light on. WE WERE IN THE WOODS and I kid you not, had NEVER seen my boyfriend, Sean, reverse so quickly out of this place. I would not have been surprised if someone’s face had popped up beside the car it was that creepy.

So at this point it was 12:30am, we were in the middle of nowhere, Sean’s phone was out of battery and I didn’t have signal – we were like.. we’ve GOT to sleep in the car. But this boy just did NOT give up 😉 we drove back out about 20 minutes to get signal and tried to find proper directions to the place which we EVENTUALLY found and when we got to our cottage at 1am, the owner of the place was so so so lovely to have waited up for us, offering us teas and cakes.

Not much more to report – as I am sure you can imagine the rest of this evening purely consisted of us passing out asleep!


We woke up today to the prettiest views of hills and sheep hehe IMG_4704.jpgOur cottage had this gorgeous mezzanine balcony where our room was.


It was literally the cosiest place ever. We drove out into this place called Tiverton, to get some food and we found the sweetest little café called Elsie May. IMG_4685.jpg

We had all sorts of pastries and things and I got a cream tea for dessert which is a scone with cream and jam and it was BEAUTIFUL – very old granny style lolIMG_4700.jpg


Hello lil’ woman in the back!!

We went back to the cottage after having bought some ingredients for dinner and just spent the rest of the day chilling.. when I say chilling – I mean hours of me filming Sean do trick shots lool – to be fair they were pretty amazing – it won’t let me post them on here but head over to his insta (seanwilliams2095) to have a look!

For dinner we cooked this AMAZING paella IMG_4724.jpg

Which I literally couldn’t get enough of – it was so good. We spent the evening watching the most incredible boxing match as well but when it finished.. we were literally in the weirdest mood?1 It was about midnight and we started doing couple work outs (TRIED to) to the point where I was crying of laughter because I literally couldn’t do ANYTHING. I feel like we shouldve filmed it because at one point I was hanging from the balcony having tried to do a pull up just crying of laughter because I couldn’t go up OR DOWN I was too scared HAHA


We woke again today in the best mood because it was so beautiful where we were. IMG_4720.jpg

We went out to get a pub lunch because it was raining unfortunately, so a big Sunday roast would have been so cosy and nice that day.

Very luckily, we managed to find this BEAST of a lunch – like..WOAH!


Can’t imagine this looks very appealing to a vegetarian so SO SOZ!

We definitely needed a lil’ dessert after this so we drove further towards this place called Taunton and we found the cutest tea room (SO ENGLISH)


It was a struggle to get a table as you can seee…

Very excitingly I got a cream tea again because I’m OBSESSED


We went home after this again to chill outtt and I managed Sean to do a face mask with me which was hilarious – I have the best photos ever of this but I think he’d kill me if I posted them 😉

We made a curry tonight for dinner which for some reason was just so much better than when I make a curry myself hahah it was just so good?!


It was the perfect evening to finish off the weekend before we headed back the next morning. Thankfully it was a lot smoother of a drive back hehe!

So much love my beautifuls

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.18.32

25 thoughts on “WEEKEND GETAWAY || DEVON

      1. I’m not a big fan of rice but I love it when it’s mixed well with chicken, veggies, and a great sauce that I can’t even taste it lol so I know I’d like this

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Your drive up to Devon sounds like it could’ve been the start of a horror movie, but I’m glad things went alright in the end 😀
    The little cottage you stayed at is beautiful! And all the food looks delicious! I love that selfie you took with Sean, where he’s looking at the menu and just half your face is in the shot XD
    I have lots of photos like that with Rory

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh my goodness I felt like I was in a horror movie!!!
      it was so gorgeous and cosy, I literally spent all weekend eating, as you can see haha! omgg loool!! he looks like he’s just so fed up with me in that photo hahaha!!! I think it must be a girlfriend thing 😉

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  2. Oh my gosh your drive to Devon was literally right out of a scary movie lol I probably would’ve been horrified reaching that house in the woods lol I’m glad you guy made it though and can probably now reminisce and laugh about it. The place you guys stayed at looks amazing with that view! Is that a hotel or like Airbnb? Also you know how to make paella?!?!? You must share your recipe with me!!!! And that huge lunch you guys had totally makes up for the KFC although that KFC looked pretty darn good!!! Glad you guys had a good stay after all! ❤

    xo, JJ

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    1. omg hahaha we definitely laugh about it now!! It was such an us thing to happen I swear – but at the time, you’re so right, I was literally in a horror film and was TERRIFIED!!! It wasn’t either – but it was similar to an airbnb – there’s so many cottages and things here in England that you’re able to rent for different periods of time through their own websites for example, which is so great!
      I’m definitely wanting to do a paella post haha!! I’m obsessed with it!!!! ❤❤❤

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