Happy Tuesday my beautifuls!! I wanted to do a little post today just telling you about one of my favourite places for brunch recently. What group of girls doesn’t need a go-to brunch spot to unnecessarily judge people all morning ey?!


The Drift in East London serves as my currently favourite spot for snacks or a long brunch. You have options of amazing cocktails (some that include biscuits, which is always a win), and amazing food for brunches like pastries, sharing boards, smoked salmon and full english breakfasts if you’re hungry!! You also have really hipster options like quinoa and smoked almonds hehe. On top of all this they have sockets for any phones or laptops if you’re the obsessive social media kind, like moi 😇

It acts as a place for a morning hot chocolate or if you wanted to get some work done in the mornings but also as a fancy dinner destination. The restaurant is submerged in glass walls; floor to ceiling, which makes it the most pleasant and delightful place to sit. I came here for brunch recently and had the most amazing Grilled Salmon with a side of tender stem broccoli for ultimate HEALTH 💪



I also got a cute lil’ hot choc afterwards hehe. Before having moved to London, I would’ve said this place was really expensive but my whole meal came to about £19 which is so affordable to me now with my new Londoner mindset – especially as I went for a whole meal as opposed to the many smaller options that had!

Find out more about The Drift here

110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY

The Drift on Insta

Have an amazing day and let me know what you think of this place! ❤


22 thoughts on “BEST BRUNCH SPOT || THE DRIFT

  1. MMMM that grilled salmon! Is that on top of a bed of spinach too?! Gosh my favorite!!!! Idk what it is about brunch but I love the idea of getting up and getting brunch. The one thing that really stinks about brunch in the city is that there is never not a wait anywhere!!!! Is it like that in London too? But I must say the wait is always worth it!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Yes!! It was too amaze ❤ brunch is perfect for me on weekends because I'm never up in time for breakfast shah typical!! omg yes literally London too! thanks so much for your comment again you beauty !!! xxx

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    1. omgg it was amazingg!! awhh thanks so much my lovely!!! OMG I KNOW I’m sorry!!!!! Literally been away on a trip for a few days but writing a blog post on it all now hehe ❤ ❤


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