Hellooo my dears,

My life is often like a Made in Chelsea episode that often I find myself giving advice to my friends on so many different situations (quite frequently via essays on Whatsapp). I thought I would share some of my wise words on break ups in the hopes in might find itself helpful to a couple of you (hopefully none of you will need this but just in case). ❤

Tell Someone

As your first step to the road of recovery – telling someone is so important – especially someone you trust, whether that be someone in your family or your best friend. Often I get that it can be embarrassing but TRUST me when I say it’s not anything to be embarrassed about at ALL – and it definitely won’t be to someone who has your back! I also understand that so often it can be tempting to tell everyone on your Whatsapp list in a way that is angry in an attempt to turn them all against your ex – but this has always proven to not be the best way to go – especially if there’s a small chance you one day get back with them and you end up looking stupid.


I know it’s a lot easier said than done but this is the time to focus on yourself. Yes, you’ll be thinking about your ex everyday for a bit but go out and KEEP BUSY – and I promise you’ll stop thinking about them a lot quicker if you turn down all plans and just sit and sulk in your room. Honestly just force yourself to go out for a walk or go get your nails done.

Do NOT obsess over your ex on social media, or any other girl/boy you think they might be newly associated with. Do NOT focus on where you could have gone wrong or where they went wrong – take everything as lessons learnt for what you don’t want to do/have in future relationships. Don’t look to blame – do not blame yourself especially – as no one is perfect, just focus on where to go from here.

Change a Part of Your Routine

It is tooooo easy to be reminded of the old days and all those memories if you are still going to the same restaurants, gym or cafés etc. You don’t need to change your life entirely – but little changes are always good for you and it will stop you thinking about the past and how it’s changed. Make new memories and find new cool places to have coffee. It’ll make you feel like you’ve moved forward and lets you have a little more control in your life.

Don’t be a Memory Hoarder

Another way to stop being reminded of the past – DELETE IT OFF YOUR PHONE. I am the biggest memory hoarder and I have a bagillion photos and videos on my phone and it genuinely is a problem for me to delete them. But in a circumstance like this – it’s not healthy. Delete them off snapchat memories, camera roll.. and off your laptop and any other device I’m forgetting. Reading old texts and looking at photos from a holiday together is like re-opening a wound and will ALWAYS trigger buried feelings – even if it is comforting for a while.

SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL ❤ talk to me if you ever every need anything ❤



  1. OH YESSS, been there done that. I 1000000% agree that the first and most crucial step is to delete EVERYTHING out of your phone. My friend actually recently went through a break up (sad, but it was definitely a blessing in disguise) but I told her the very first thing is to delete delete delete. It really does help. Also telling someone or just having someone to vent to here and there is so crucial. Having good friends helps. I remember back during past break ups every now and then I’d get a weak moment and once I’d talk it out with my best friend I’d instantly feel good again. Great advice and I totally back up each and every one of them!!! ❤

    xo, JJ

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    1. can’t believe I MISSED THIS COMMENT!! I’m too happy you agreed, literally I would definitely be the type to not delete anything but its SO crucial!!! and yes allllwaysss need someone there, always helps to stop you texting the person too!!! ❤❤❤

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  2. omg I love Made In Chelsea! Are you watching the new series?? Anyway great post, I have to agree being a memory hoarder is the worst. Rereading old texts between yourself an ex seriously is awful, I used to do it all the time and burst into tears but I can’t lie sometimes I found it therapeutic?? However it’s definitely not a good idea to do all the time and at some time, you have to call it a day and hit delete. And you’re right, a break up is definitely the best time to give yourself a chance to focus on you!! And really figure out what it is you want from life etc. Great post hun, I’m sure this will help a lot of people going through a breakup! xx

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    1. oh my god you are so lovely!! and yes OF COURSEEE I’m watching the new series hehe SOO much drama, especially with Tiff and Sam?!! And you’re so right, I used to find so much comfort in reading texts but it definitely got so unhealthy for me haha!! Best not to start at all! Ahh that’s so lovely to hear thank you so much!!! xxx

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      1. Aw thank you!! ❤ Yay yay so glad to have found a fellow MIC fan. I think Sam and Tiff are so cute together and at least Sam's being honest but I totally get why Tiff might be feeling insecure. She just needs to know they have a future. I used to love Jamie but I think he's being way out of line at the moment, so stubborn and I'm not a fan of Sam Prince at all!! Are you? Haha it is, it's addictive but not good for the soul at all. Exactly! And delete their number too!!! You're more than welcome xxx

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  3. What a lovely advice ❤ <3!
    My problem used to be that I was crushing on a friend for 2 years and he was in a relationship with a girl in Spain (We're in Germany) and I always thought that he likes me because he said and did things which raised my hopes und sometimes he's so damn nice to me and I've never been able to tell him that I was actually crushing on him. I kinda survived a constant break up feeling the last two years, although we've never been in a relationship :l

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