So before I begin, I have a few words to say..firstly to Jenny  and Jacqueline; to whom I have said I would do this post for forever now (has really only been a few days but feel like ages lol), I’m finally doing it and thanks so much for creating this series, I’m already loving it and I can’t wait to find out the new themes😍. And secondly to my boyfriend who I know will read this – don’t worry, I don’t want to get married just yet……..or do I 😏 hehe I joke

I hate to say it but yes.. I am indeed a hopeless romantic. I know many of you would not have guessed this by my first impression of being cool and laid back – but you are in fact wrong as I have been dreaming about my wedding since forever. I’ve never re-enacted actually getting married in a dress and standing up at the alter or anything like that – I was more the subtle kind, in that I would screenshot cute wedding ideas onto a folder on my phone or obsessively like wedding accounts on Instagram – to the point where they all start to follow me back with the assumption I MUST be getting married soon.

Let’s start with the most important – please don’t ask me any questions on how I will fund these dreams – as I, myself, do not know. But alas,

Wedding Dress


My dream is not only to own one of these incredible dresses but to also look like this whilst in it. That’s another miracle in itself..I mean…we’re talking a whole lot of gymmin’ and a whole’ lot of tannin’.

Wedding Venue



I know what you’re probably thinking.. can’t be much of a dream if you’ve picked completely different and random images..!! Let me explain my thought process.. I don’t actually have an exact venue in mind, I just know I’d want it to be cosy and beautiful and ideally in a garden or beach of some sort. I mean LOOK! How bloody stunning.

Wedding Decorations


Okay so I found these little ideas on Pinterest and I’ve fallen in love. I would love to have my wedding really creative and personal and finish the whole thing off with cute little touches to make it that bit more memorable for everyone. Especially that idea with the flip flops.. I mean…what a GOD SEND. Also judging by all the venue photos I picked earlier.. I’m feeling fairy lights are a must-have guys. Of course none of these images are mine and I’ve stolen them all off Pinterest so all credit goes to their respective owners🙌 (Had to Google that line because I didn’t know if it was “respective”, “respected” or “respectful” lool)

I hope you all enjoyed and until next time beautiful people 🌹



  1. I’m a hopeless romantic too, Jo, don’t worry! And these pictures are so pretty, that venue with all the lanterns almost made me cry and it’s just a photo!

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  2. YAYYY I read this one my phone last night but I hate commenting via my cell phone but here I am! First of all, thank you so much for supporting Jacqueline and my new collab!!! We’re soo happy that you’re joining us on this!!! ❤ Secondly those dresses you picked out- OMG LOVE!!!! I absolutely love the details on them all….gosh all I can think about is how hard it's going to be to really pick a dress when the time comes. The idea of having flip flops for the reception for the girls, such a good idea and totally necessary! I'd hate to see my party die because of sore feet lol I was soooo close to posting those same wedding venue photos too I love that its so classy and elegant! Great minds think alike!!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. awh of course thanks so much for starting it to begin with!! I literally do not know how I’ll pick a dress to begin and it’s so me to look back at wedding photos and regret my decision as well.. so annoying!! omg nooo way?! hahaha they’re such beautiful venues aren’t they!! the LANTERNS 🙂 ❤🙂 ❤thank you so much for your comment again you beautiful chica!!!!

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  3. Omg I just saw this! I’m so happy you did the collaboration with us. First off, those wedding dress selections are sooooo Fuego. All the detail and how sexxayyy. Secondly the outdoor lighting in all the photos are so dreamy. Lastly, the flip-flop idea is so clutch. I don’t know how many weddings I’ve been in and gone to where I ended up throwing on some socks. Luckily all my dresses were long so no one saw the fuckery. Great post doll! Can’t wait to see next months prompt! ❤️

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    1. awhh yay thanks so much for encouraging me to get involved!!! oh my goodness I know I literally don’t know how I’ll ever pick a dress – and yes omg the flip fops will literally be a life saver, although socks is a great idea too HAHA never thought to do that!!! thanks so much lovely – ahh I’m too excited for next month’s heheh 🙂 ❤🙂 ❤

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