Hellooo my beauties!!

I’m just going to start off by saying that loneliness is such a common thing – so don’t regard it as something purely in your head or something that’s silly because everyone goes through it. Of course there are different degrees of loneliness – you could be alone at home on a Friday night and feel lonely, or you could have this feeling lingering in you for weeks or months. It’s even common to feel lonely if you have a sea of people and friends surrounding you.

Although I used to feel this occasionally (being so far away from home etc.), I’m lucky enough that I don’t ever feel lonely now, even if I have nights or weekends in on my own. I do however, know a few friends that do – so hopefully this post might make someone feel a little better today 😌

When people do get lonely – it is so easy to result to laying in bed or on the sofa and perhaps binge eat – which don’t get me wrong – I do an awful lot of anyway but it’s important to step back and analyse whether this is really doing anything positive for you.


One way to help deal with feeling lonely is to help someone. Whether this be a small favour for a friend or even going that little step further to take time out and volunteer for a local charity or animal shelters/domestic violence shelters if you feel you’re getting lonely often. I always get a boost in my mood when I help someone else which ultimately results in their mood improving too!


I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog post of mine but it is so so important the impact of social media and what it can do to your mindset. When you’re feeling alone or down, it helps so much to get off social media – especially Instagram. Although you could argue that social media is a quick way to get in contact with someone – ultimately (god I feel like I’m using that word a lot in this post) it can in fact isolate you more. When you’re in this headspace, being in contact with a friend online isn’t always intimate and isn’t emotional because so often it can feel forced in the way that you think any pointless conversation or social interaction will help, but if anything – it could potentially make you feel even lonelier.


Don’t do what I do and binge eat on the sofa in the dark watching Riverdale. GO OUTSIDE and get some fresh air. Go outside and connect with people and be in the presence of people. Go for a nice little walk and breathe in and out and just be around nature and the sun. Research proves that this plays a huge role in combatting loneliness!


When I say call a friend.. I mean a genuine, real, got your back always kind of FRIEND. A friend you genuinely like and are happy in the presence of. Pick a friend who’s voice makes you happy to hear and a friend who you get excited to see. Making plans with them gives you something to look forward to and that always helps – although it’s in your hands to pick someone who will be there to help and be there to make you happy, not to force you to do things or a friend who will be too much for you to handle.


I will never understand what humans have ever done to deserve dogs. It’s been said that playing with animals and dogs especially make you feel calm and make you feel loved and I for ONE can vouch for that heheh. If you don’t have your own dog – there are dogs EVERYWHERE! Go to an animal shelter or visit a park and honestly if you ask any dog owner to play with their dog – 99.99999% of the time, they’re not going to say no. It’s honestly not weird


I’m sure you’ve heard this point so often but trust me on this one, it helps. Finding something you’re passionate in and get excited about can so easily get you out of feeling alone. I’ve read a quote that even just reading a book requires so much more attention and thought than just watching your favourite show on Netflix and that goes a long way in helping you feel less lonely. There was a period of time I wanted a new hobby and  literally could not think of ONE hobby except for the standard horse riding, football etc. and honestly I just googled “list of hobbies” and there are hobbies that you didn’t even know were hobbies – like just so so so many things you could be spending your time doing.

I hope this post helps you or someone even a little – and know that if you ever needed someone to talk to, I’m always heree 🌹 I never ever want anyone to feel like they’re being annoying or they’re bothering me with their problems so don’t even think about feeling like that!!!

Until next time,




  1. Nice post girl! This def does make a bit better since I do get lonely at times. But, you are right it does feel better to get off of social media and just go outside or work on hobby. Blogging has def make me feel so much better and loved 🙂

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    1. aw thank you so much! you’re making me smile too much today girl!!! oh my goodness – another great idea, you’re so right, blogging has like the most beautiful community and just makes you feel so loved and supported! but yeah exactly like we said, social media I find never helps because it’s so easy to compare yourself and also see what everyone is up to and it makes you think even more!!!

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      1. yeah I’ve been spending a lot more time blogging rather than Facebook & other social media platforms. Aww I’m glad my comments make you happy and same here! Glad we got to become best friends already ❤

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  2. This post is full of wonderful advice and suggestions. It’s definitely tough battling loneliness yet it’s so inevitable but there are so many ways to cure it much of which you’ve shared with us. I know when I first moved to the city not knowing anyone really, there were times where I would just sit in my room and be like “wow this sucks” but luckily being in the city there was so much to explore so I found myself wandering and time passed real quick. It was also very comforting knowing I had friends and family that I could always call or contact at whatever time of day. A dog would’ve been the best idea though 😉 The dog fever in me still thinks I could use one! ha

    xo, JJ

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    1. That was literally my position moving to London, I loved wondering around on my own and exploring a lot of the time and eventually it all got a lot smaller and it wasn’t as lonely a place! but yes 100% a dog would’ve been the best call 😉

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