It’s been so long since I have spent a weekend in London with all these weekends away in Sussex and Paris etc.  and it was so nice to be in the city and back exploring all it has to offer 💃🏻💃🏻


I was treated to dinner tonight for my birthday by my beautiful Carly 💋 she had taken me to a restaurant called Smith and Wollensky near Charing Cross – which is a very old-fashioned and stylish American seafood and steakhouse. IMG_4332.jpgIMG_4333.jpg


The staff and service at this restaurant was so welcoming from the moment you stepped foot in the door. We were put on table 66 which just goes to show how big this place was! Carly was only too too kind enough to buy me an incredible Tiffany’s bracelet too for my birthday which I now have on my wrist everyday 😍


I know this is a weird craving to have but I have literally been wanting a Beef Wellington for SO long but barely anywhere does it – so I was beyond happy to find out this place did. The only thing was that it would take 40 minutes to cook so luckily in the mean time we had everything to catch up on, along with warm bread and some cocktails 🙏


Apparently I have a really ‘old man’ taste in cocktails and I went for this interesting one that came in a copper tankard. It was called a Phileas Grog which consisted of Blackwell,Velvet Falernum, Guinness, Chocolate Bitters, Cinnamon Syrup and Lime Juice. Strangely it was really nice. IMG_4340.jpgIMG_4339.jpg

Eventually my Beef Wellington came but to be fair, it didn’t even feel like 40 minutes, we had so much to talk about! My meal came with a delicious Porcini sauce and I had ordered a side of whipped potatoes? Not mashed.. whipped. Which YES.. is apparently a thing.

Once this was demolished, I indulged in one of the yummiest Sticky Toffee Puddings I have ever placed amongst my taste buds. IMG_4342.JPG

Just realised it looks so average in the photo but it was GOOD!!!

We went for drinks afterwards at a place down the road called Bronte. The waiters here were beyond amazing, super friendly and gave us free drinks! IMG_4345.jpgIMG_4346.jpgIMG_4347.jpg

It was actually so funny because the waiter caught me taking a photo of the bar that he then went up onto the counter and I kid you not…. DABBEDIMG_4350.jpg

Too funny.



I went for lunch today with a friend from Hong Kong in West Hampstead. Which is so so lovely because it was so nice to talk about everything and everyone at home, which is something I haven’t done in so long.

Later that evening I went for dinner with my boyfriend. For Christmas, his boss gave him one of those “Truly Experience Day” as a gift – which included a three course dinner at Covent Garden Hotel and a private screening of the film ‘Lion’. We finally found time to do it this weekend and the restaurant again was so beautiful. I unfortunately didn’t manage to take any photos of the place myself so I’ve stolen one from google. I know the photo doesn’t capture this, but it was hellllaaaa busy!!!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.01.25.png

No word of a lie – when we sat down my boyfriend goes “hey Jo.. are the people next to us famous?” and I kind of turned my head not thinking they weren’t going to be at all.. and NO JOKE, it was Maggie Gyllenhaal and Emma Thompson from Love Actually sat on the table beside us – I couldn’t remember Maggie’s name so I had to google “Kirsten Dunst lookalikes” and she came up lol.


This was our starter – it was an incredible Prawn Cocktail, just a shame it was only like two bites worth hahaha

After this it was time for the film! The screening room was downstairs from the restaurant and everyone was so lovely to explain everything to us and how it worked, and very kindly showed us to the cinema. I hate to say bad things about places, but we actually ended up leaving because I think we were expecting like a really comfortable, cool cinema but it was like a conference room and we were all sat ready for a briefing or something – so we left before the film started :/ – only because we weren’t too bothered about the film either!! But it was a funny experience nonetheless!! 😂

We ended up getting a train back to his in Surrey and had a nice night at the pub instead 🙂


Not much to say about today as I just spent the day at home but I hope you guys enjoyed reading and that you all had a lovely weekend too 🙂


33 thoughts on “MY WEEKEND ||24TH – 26TH MARCH

  1. Awesome weekend! That photo of the bartender dabbing is TOO funny, and I can’t believe you were sat next to Emma Thompsen and Maggie Gyllenhaal! Have a lovely week, Jo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha oh my god I KNOW! he was too hilarious, aw thank you so much it really was! hahaha ahhh me too, dying for that beef wellington again – thanks so much for your comment my lovely! xxx


  2. LOL the waiter that is too funny yet so perfect at the same time! The restaurant your friend chose looks so good and the pictures of the food help justify that! Also so super sweet of her to get your a cute little Tiffany’s present, I love their bracelets! Look like you had a well-fed and fabulous weekend girlie!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He was so bloody fab, I miss him HAHA😂 omg it was too sweet wasn’t it!! hahahah oh my goodness if I had to choose one word to describe this last weekend ,’well-fed’ is too accurate!!! thanks for your comment as always my dear!!! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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