THE FIRST WEEKEND OF CELEBRATIONS FOR MY 21ST!!! I could not have asked for a better way to celebrate. Last Friday, eight of my friends and I drove down to East Sussex to stay the weekend in the most amazing cottage. It can’t even be classed as a cottage it was so big!

You walked into the front sitting area, with a beautiful mezzanine balcony overhead. There was another sitting area with a television and enormous open kitchen with conservatory. On top of all this, there was a tennis court and four bedrooms.

I found this place on Snaptrip.com and the booking process could not have been more simple. Even the people who owned the cottage were so helpful – this was my first time organising something like this, so you can imagine the number of questions I had! All the friends who came were amazing and chipped in £73 each for a three day stay. And let me tell you it was DEFINITELY worth it!!!


We got there the Friday evening and went food shopping first off. So much food and drinks were bought it was ridiculous haha! We got back to the cottage and we made oven pizzas for dinner – you can tell I’m far from ready to become a 21 year old. We set the dinner table and had dinner all together which was the nicest thing.


Saturday night was supposed to be the BIG NIGHT – but after dinner we started drinking and it ended up being the most hilarious night I have ever had. We all got so much more drunk than I think any of us had planned – I mean I rapped an entire Eminem song I didn’t even know I knew..

The next day we all did our best to get up early to take advantage of the time we had at this place. We all made breakfast and at about 11am went for the loveliest walk in the country. It was so beyond muddy but living in London I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing. The sun was out and with the majority of us being boys.. we ended up walking back to the cottage and playing football at the tennis court – which I’m not going to lie, turned out so so fun. I was so awful at every game we played but it was absolutely hilarious!

I will say though that I think the girls tired out a lot quicker..!! hahah


We went out to one of the near by pubs for lunch and got the biggest meals anyone had ever seen which meant when we got back to the cottage we all gathered in the lounge to watch the rugby together and nap – which was sooooo needed.

It very quickly got round to Saturday evening where we all decided to dress nicely and make dinner again. We cooked spaghetti bolognese this time, being the creative chefs we are! And of course got started on the drinking games afterwards. We had Ed Sheeran blasting and so many throwbacks and singalongs that I ended up losing my voice 😦 typical me!!


The night resulted in a lot of silly antics and deep chats about life and crazy dance moves – and it was just perfect.

The next morning was spent cleaning the kitchen and packing before we all had to go. We asked for a late checkout as we were all so incredibly hungover – which they very kindly let us have, thankfully! Otherwise we would’ve had to be out by 10am!

I’m so happy I spent celebrating my birthday in such an incredible place with eight of my closest friends because I couldn’t have had a happier and funnier weekend.


Has anyone else done anything similar with their friends? I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my weekend!



20 thoughts on “WEEKEND GETAWAY || Sussex

  1. Ah looks/sounds like a total blast!!!! Happy 21st!!! Perfect way to celebrate. I’ve always wanted to rent out a cottage with friends and just do this same exact thing! I’m feeling oh so inspired now 🙂 You and your girl friends are so gorg!! So glad you guys had fun. PS- kudos to you for rapping an entire Eminem song lmao!! Love it

    xo, JJ

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    1. ahhh THANK YOU JENNY ❤ omg please do it and tell me all about it! Awh that's too sweet of you, I'll definitely let them know 😉 hehe oh my goodness I wish I had it on video haha!! thanks so much for your lovely comment :)) xxxx

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