An Evening at Sketch, London

If you live in London or at least come to visit every now and then, you would have heard of Sketch. A destination for amazing food, music, art and incredible interior. I was lucky enough to be able to have dinner in their ‘Gallery’ restaurant – which I guarantee you would have seen all over Pinterest if you don’t know what I’m talking about!

For someone whose favourite colour is pink, this place was an absolute dream for me. The walls, seating and bar were all pink and literally if you watch customers as they walk through, you’ll see everyone’s jaw drop one by one, including mine..!! Even the little lamps on your table is this copper bronze colour, which – in regards to interiors – is everything I’m into right now.IMG_3495.jpg


From the moment we were sat at our table, the whole evening became an experience. The staff were incredible in how friendly they were and with how much they knew about the food – I literally had to ask them how to pronounce everything and they did exceptionally well acting like I wasn’t an idiot!!

IMG_3490.jpgIMG_3489.jpgHow unbelievable is this table setting – the menu even had a little pop up fork situation which nearly poked my eye out but at least now you’ll know! We were given some bread to begin with which was just a little taster of how amazing the food to come was going to taste. I ordered the Sirloin steak with french fries and a side of some vegetables – for a change!


I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a steak so slow in my life – I just didn’t want it to end!! Of course along side all this we had a cocktail – or two. They were nice enough to make the classic cocktails for me even if they weren’t advertised on the menu, like my absoluteeee fave Piña Colada.


For dessert I got macaroons which consisted of flavours like; Herbal Tea and Lemon. The dessert behind it was a ‘Tchouki’ – which was a Soya milt custard, Malabar ice cream, marzipan and frosted banana combination – which I have literally never seen anywhere else. But this entire night to be fair, has been full of things I have never experienced.

Another thing worthy of note at this place were their toilet pods. I don’t have a proper image of these myself so I’ve borrowed one to show you! a1d140de4a0f30cbe356dd943d3f155b.jpg

You literally wee in these spacey pods – which I don’t understand the need for but it’s my new favourite thing..


The Gallery at Sketch, although pricey, is so worth the visit – this was me hanging out in the toilet – I hope you’ve enjoyed the read!

Check out Sketch here!


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