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One of the reasons I started a blog was so that I had the opportunity to write and be creative and I find that a big aspect of being able to do this, is the space in which I surround myself within. I move houses a lot and more often than not, the desk that I have to work with isn’t…generous.  I love the things in my room to be really pretty and organised so I find myself on Pinterest A LOT – trying to gain inspiration on how to spice up my work area and how to best organise and deal with a small space 🌸


Something I never used to do but now literally LOVE to do, is to have fresh flowers on my desk. They’re the prettiest thing in the world and it brightens up your work area so easily – even if it’s the smallest little bouquet. Pink is the ultimate FAVEE



The use of quotes and surrounding yourself with positivity and motivation is something else I’ve started to incorporate into my creative space. I find if even for a second you feel a writer’s block coming on or just a lack of imagination that day, all I have to do is glance at one of these quotes and it really does help!

You can buy quotes already framed otherwise it is beyond easy to make them yourself. Just print off your favourite sayings and place them in an empty frame which they’ll sell in Primark or Scribbles for example! My favourite are always black and white frames to keep my space looking fresh and clean!

DIY Chalk Board

This idea is one I have yet to do and I literally cannot wait. You can buy chalk paint from a lot of places but it’s literally about £5 on Amazon (Click Here). You can either choose to, with a pencil and ruler, draw out an area (e.g square) that you’d like to paint, and using masking tape to tape along the outside to give you a neat edge OR literally just paint a section of the wall in a more messy way to make it a little more interesting!! It’s normally best with about two coats and this paint honestly dries so quickly which is super handy.  But with a chalk board on your wall it becomes so easy to jot down any thoughts e.g  blog posts ideas that may pop into your head or anything you need to remember to do, and to wipe anything off all you need is a damp sponge!


I’m literally finding new ideas all the time but these are my faves at the moment! Let me know what you think!! ❤️ xx


16 thoughts on “INSPO || Creative Spaces

  1. I totally agree with the flower thing, I love the ambiance it gives off to a room, a desk, dining table- something about it is just so positive. I’m a sunflower lover so I try to have some every now and then either at my work or at home! I can’t help but to giggle at the “your butt looks great quote” I actually love that- not only is it humorous but it gives that little self esteem boost at the same time 🙂 Super cute post!

    xo, JJ

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