Okay so I had a think about what to write on my blog this week and I realised since having started this blog at the beginning of this year, no one who reads it knows very much about me. So I figured I would so a mini ‘Get to Know Me’ tag and therefore just a little introduction into who I am and what myyyy story iss

1. How do you pronounce your username? This one is a pretty unnecessary one 😉 pretty eeaassy peasssy!!
2. How old are you? I’m 20 at the moment but 21 in March which I’m too excited for!
3. What Nationality are you? I’m half Thai, half English but I’ve lived in Hong Kong my whole life.
4. What grade are you in? I’m currently doing my placement year in between my second and third year at university!!
5. Do you have a job? I’m working full time as a Fashion Assistant 🙂
6. What is your eye color? Nothing exciting unfortunately 😦 just a dark brown!
7. What is your natural hair colour? Dark brown, I stupidly tried to dye it lighter one time and had to go to school with ginger hair for about a month..
8. What type of skin do you have? I don’t know if I’m being stupid.. but I don’t know how to answer this..what does it mean?! I have a slight olive/tanned skin tone and I would say I fell under the combination skin category – god I just know that’s not what this question meant
9. Do you have freckles ? I do indeed!!! They don’t suit me at all!
10. Do you / Did you have braces ? For a couple years I had Invisalign which was the clear/invisible version of normal braces – ask me any questions on these!
11. Whats your favorite perfume to wear ? I don’t have a favourite, I wear so many different perfumes from Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein and Chanel – oh and Hugo Boss is a commonly worn one tooo!!
12. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning ? Literally about half an hour, I’m such a potato throughout the day
13. Whats you favorite colour ? Pink 🙂
14. Heels or Flats ? Both for SUREEE – not too high a heel though because those are painful GURL!
15. Gold or Silver ? Gosh these are bloody difficult questions! Both again, because I have silver pandora bracelets and rings but love a rose gold anything
16. Do you have a boyfriend ? I have a beautiful boyfriend 17. Do you have siblings ? I have an older brother who is 25 and currently doing a phD in Physics! eexxciTING!
18. Do you have pets ? I don’t have any pets which is so sad 😦 I used to have the best, most beautiful dog in the world named Floyd though 🙂
19. Have you ever been out of the Country ? Travelling is in my blood and SOUL, and I’m too lucky to have been able to visit so many places, I can’t wait to write about them all!
20. What is something that makes you nervous? ooo gosh I don’t know! Thinking about life after I graduate makes me nervous and what job and life I’m going to have, my boyfriend still makes me get butterflies, singing on stage makes me so nervous but all these things make me so excited at the same time

Thank you for reading you beautiful human and I TAG YOU! xxx

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