Leaving an Established Brand for a Start Up // Internship

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 19.28.30.pngSo just to give a little context, I am currently on my placement year in London. I have taken a year out in between my second and third year at university to in order to gain experience working full time.

I spent about six months doing more interviews and assessment centres than you could possibly IMAGINE! And finally last May I secured a placement with an established designer brand for one year, and I couldn’t have been happier. I was a Press and Communications intern and I was helping out with press loans and content creation for social media sites for example. It was a great internship with lovely people but when the opportunity arose to take up an internship with a start up company, I couldn’t resist and let me tell you why.

Six months into my internship and I was doing the same tasks and being taught the same things as I was during the first week I arrived. I noticed that when you’re this age and working for a brand that has a been around for a long time, especially a designer one, there is little room for creativity and for ideas to be inputted. I wasn’t allowed to send emails or communicate with anyone over the phone and I often felt like I wasn’t even really allowed to talk in the studio. Of course the experiences I’m describing are not going to be the case with every established brand however I noticed that over time, I wasn’t being given any more responsibility, and of course I understand that I am an intern, and I wasn’t going to forget it because  I was constantly being reminded everyday that I was below the rest of the team. I had come into this brand with all their systems already in place and it didn’t seem like there was any desire to change very much. It consisted of such a hierarchal structure that as an intern, I wasn’t given any responsibility at all in case I would make a mistake or write something wrong. Despite this, I did manage to learn a lot about working full time, and being in an office and working a long side other people, however I felt that I was never being spoken to about anything that was happening within the brand and I was left completely in the dark which didn’t teach me very much at all. I was simply told orders that I would obey to mindlessly.

I left this internship early to join a start up brand and I can’t express to you the amount that I learnt during the first few days I had here. I’m sat next to the director of the company to talks to me and discusses with me every thing going on within the brand, who she’s in contact with, and any exciting news for example. I, myself am in contact with so many social influencers and building relationships. All the systems within the brand are still being worked on, and therefore I have so much input in discussing what ways work best for different things and what would be most efficient. For the two weeks I have been at this start up, I feel so prepared and so in the know for everything that’s to come both in life and within this job. It gives me so much brand loyalty which motivates me to achieve better results and work even harder, and I couldn’t have made a better decision leaving my first internship. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t ever take the first internship back, I feel really happy I had the opportunity to intern at different companies and brands to give me an insight into the industry I’d like to be working in when I’m older.

This whole article was all my opinion based on the experiences I’ve gone through, but let me know if anyone believes anything different or if you’ve gone through a similar experience?


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  1. I know someone who’s don ethe exact same thing, and as an intern for a start up myself I totally get what you mean when you’re talking about the feeling of being a part of the moving wheel rather than just a spare part! Good luck in your job xxx

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    1. helloitsjo says:

      ahh that’s such a great analogy and I couldn’t agree more!! Thank you so much and thank you for your lovely comment!! ❤

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