London Things To Do ❤ Swingers Mini Golf


I had too hilarious of a night last night playing mini golf for the first time at Swingers Golf London.  I thought I would share this experience with you as it is definitely somewhere I’m going to go back to.

I had to ask directions to Swingers as there’s only a little door for it’s entrance and realised it was probably a bit of an awkward place to ask about, as it could have been EASILY misinterpreted that I was looking for something else..

We arrived and they were very kind to add an additional ticket to our booking as we managed to miscount people and the amount of tickets we bought.. don’t ask how ! The interior of this place was incredible as soon as you walk in and on top of that had such an incredible vibe with loud music and drinks. It was so easy to get drinks and food before our tee off time, which of course.. we all know that when food is involved it makes any experience a whole lot better. We all got pizzas to share which were DELISH.

We were told we had the ‘Windmill’ course which consisted of 9 holes and I learnt the hard way that this was NOT an easy course.. I thought it was all fun and games but it got VERY competitive.. probably just from my part to be fair… There were staff all around ready to take any drink orders from you whilst you were making your way through the course which I thought was such an amazing idea. I can’t explain enough as well how lovely everyone working here was, they did so well to explain where everything was and was always so happy to help!!


Once you had finish the course you also had the option of a sit down meal and there were also private dining options which made me think that this was a definite party idea soon or even a place for a cute little date!

I wasn’t able to take any photos of my own unfortunately as even though I tried, the lighting for a decent photo was just not on POINT!

Tickets are £13 however at certain times they will save tickets for walk-ins, just make sure you get there quick enough because it get’s busy!

8 Brown’s Buildings, London, EC3A 8AL – Right at the foot of the Gherkin!(




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