Candy Kittens ❤ Sweet Squad


I had always known about Candy Kittens as a brand. In fact I went for an interview with them for an internship a few months ago but didn’t get the job funnily enough. Although I am 80% certain this was down to the uncomfortable amount of dad jokes I made. That, and the fact that I repeatedly tried to convince them I didn’t normally have the voice of a man, due to the vile cough I had at the time.

Despite this, I had been asked this month to be a part of their Sweet Squad, which means I get a beautiful box of their sweets delivered to me each month to promote on my social media. It’s not all fun and games though let me TELL you! The perseverance and will power not eat anything before I Instagram can be difficult, which is why you can imagine my horror coming out of the bathroom yesterday finding my boyfriend MUNCHING away at a bag..!!

Alas..I made do and posted my first Instagram of their sweets tonight, which inspired me to do this little appreciation post because they’ve literally become my favourite sweets. Candy Kitten’s sweets are gluten-free, all natural and are stocked in cool places like Topshop, River Island and Waitrose so it isn’t hard to get your hands on a bag (or three!!)

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 15.13.28.png

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